Amazon Greenlights ‘Blade Runner 2099’ Limited Series Produced By Ridley Scott


“Blade Runner” is about to get the limited-edition treatment — and Ridley Scott is producing it himself.

Amazon Prime Video has officially greenlit a series of sequels to the sci-fi franchise, The Hollywood Reporter said Thursday. Scott, who directed the original 1982 film, will produce the show alongside “Shining Girls” writer Silka Luisa and Michael Green, who co-wrote the recent follow-up “Blade Runner 2049.”

“The original Blade Runner…is considered one of the greatest and most influential science fiction films of all time, and we’re thrilled to bring Blade Runner 2099 to our global Prime Video customers,” said Vernon Sanders, global head of Amazon. television, told the outlet.

While Amazon previously said it was developing the series in February, Thursday’s confirmation provided new details about the project – which will take place 50 years after the 2017 sequel film which starred Ryan Gosling and brought back Harrison Ford in the fold.

1982’s “Blade Runner,” based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, explored a near future in which armed state agents hunt down noncompliant androids, or “replicants,” who abandon their physical duties in off-planet colonies. .

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford co-starred in “2049.” The cast of “2099” has yet to be revealed.

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis via Getty Images

“[Director] Denis Villeneuve’s sequel Blade Runner 2049 then became one of the most reviewed sequels of all time,” said Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson – the co-CEOs of Alcon Entertainment, which owns the rights to “ Blade Runner” – to The Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

“So we recognize that we have a very high bar to achieve with this next installment. … We hope we can live up to that standard and delight audiences with the next generation of Blade Runner.

“2049” was a box office disappointment, grossing $92 million domestically, according to Box Office Mojo. Fans of the original, however, were blown away by its quality and the melancholic atmosphere Villeneuve delivered. It holds an 88% “fresh” rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Adult Swim then produced an animated series titled “Blade Runner: Black Lotus,” which debuted in November and appears to have stalled. “2099,” meanwhile, will be the franchise’s first live-action TV project — and its creators will be salivating with joy.

“We are thrilled to continue our working relationship with our friends at Amazon,” Kosove and Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter. “And we’re beyond excited to continue expanding the Blade Runner canon into a new realm with the provocative storyline that Silka has created.”


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