A light little mini-series to tell the story of Anne Frank’s protectors on Disney+


A new documentary series on the story of Anne Frank is coming to Disney+. A little light will tell the story of the people who managed to hide the Frank family for more than two years, as well as preserve Anne’s diary. This news comes from Deadline.

A little light tells the story of Miep Gies, whose story is told to AnneFrank.org. Gies was initially an employee of Father Otto Frank, who had just moved his business from Germany to the Netherlands to hopefully escape Nazi persecution. Gies quickly became close to the Frank family, her fluency in Dutch and German helped the Franks assimilate into Dutch society. She and her fiancé Jan were both frequent guests in the Frankish household. When Nazi influence spread to their town, the couple was quick to hide the Frank family in the upstairs rooms of their home.


Alongside the Franks were the Van Pels family and dentist Fritz Pfeffer, the occupants would become known as the Secret Annex. For two years, the couple hid the occupants, collecting groceries from several places so as not to arouse suspicion and delivering letters. However, by August 4, 1944, they had been captured and the Secret Annex had all been deported. Before the hiding places were emptied by the Nazi authorities, Gies took Anne Frank’s diaries and kept them in his desk drawer. She was determined to return them to Anne. After the war, she gave them to the sole survivor of the Secret Annex, Otto Frank. Otto will later publish them in the book which is still being shared around the world.

A little light comes from Joan Rater and Tony Phelan (Grey’s Anatomy) as executive producers, Susanna Fogel (The stewardess), and National Geographic. The seven-episode project was already close to being greenlit when last month’s 60 Minutes covered a report on a years-long investigation. The report has revealed a suspect in the nearly 80-year-old mystery of who betrayed the Franks. The reveal would have had no impact on the upcoming series as it has no effect on the story the limited series planned to tell.

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A little light speaks of the silent heroes

Miep Gies

Since the war, Gies has been the subject of many accolades, including being knighted in the Order of Orange-Nassau by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. In 1987, together with Alison Leslie Gold, Gies wrote and published the book Anne Frank Remembered: The Story of the Woman Who Helped Hide the Frank Family. In 1995, she was interviewed for the documentary film Remembrance of Anne Frank. Jhis film won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. The award was collected jointly by director Jon Blair and Gies. Despite the attention, Gies never considered herself a great heroine. It is this quote from the end of his life that inspired the title of the series. She died in 2010, a month before her 101st birthday, after sustaining injuries from a fall.

“I don’t like being called a hero because no one should ever think you have to be special to help others. Even an ordinary secretary, housewife or teenager can turn on a little light in a dark room.

Fogel will direct several episodes of A little light. In addition to producing, Rater and Phelan are credited with writing the series. The series also comes from ABC Signature in partnership with Keshet Studios. Peter Traugott, Alon Shtruzman and Avi Nir of Keshet Studios will also produce. The casting of the three main characters, Miep, Otto and Jan, is currently underway. Filming is expected to begin in Europe later this year. This will be the second Nat Geo scripted series for Disney+, the first being The good thing.

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