A Legendary TV Show Returns


Legendary TV show “Challenge Anneka”, starring Anneka Rice, is set to make a comeback

According to The sun. Apparently the 63-year-old presenter – famous for her jumpsuits – is in talks with Channel 5 about a reboot.

Anneka’s hit show ran from September 8, 1989 to October 15, 1995. Each program saw her face a series of tasks, which usually involved earning money for charity.

A deadline was set for each task between two and three days, Anneka having no prior knowledge of the challenge. The energetic host would then go in search of people and local businesses that she would persuade to offer their help for free.

An integral part of this show was Anneka’s camera crew and sound guy who would follow her in the big blue truck. Tension gripped each episode as viewers waited to see if Anneka would complete the task or not, as not all challenges were a success.

“The affection for her is epic. It’s overwhelming on a daily basis,” Anneka previously said of the show in 2019, on its 30th anniversary.

“There’s a real taste for the return of classic shows right now, given viewers’ thirst for nostalgia,” a TV insider told exclusively. That of the sun “Anneka is hopeful that a deal can be done as she believes there is still a lot of life in the format and it can attract new, younger audiences as well.”

“It was a much-loved show with good intentions, so there’s no reason it can’t continue where it left off,” they added.


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