8 binge-worthy miniseries of the 2020s!


If you’re looking for a new show and don’t want to commit to multiple seasons, the following list is perfect! You can stream these one-season shows on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max.

The game of queens

Set during the Cold War era, The game of queens follows orphaned chess prodigy, Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) on her quest to become the world’s greatest chess player. The show was released in October 2020 and quickly became Netflix’s biggest limited scripted series. A month after its release, Netflix revealed that 62 million households had streamed the show.


The defeat

The storyline of this mysterious psychological thriller is based on the popular 2014 novel You should have known, written by Jean Hanf Korelitz. The miniseries was released on HBO in October 2020 and follows a successful therapist (Nicole Kidman) whose devoted husband (Hugh Grant) is suddenly accused of muddling. The show executes a thriller plot filled with intricate puzzles.


A teacher

Based on series creator Hannah Fidell’s 2013 film of the same name, this controversial miniseries was released in November 2020 and became FX on Hulu’s most-watched original. A teacher follows the relationship and aftermath of a predatory relationship between a young Texas high school teacher and her student. The show is not based on a specific true story, but is a depiction of the grooming, abuse, and trauma that is real for many people.


Eastown Mare

In this crime drama, Kate Winslet stars as a police detective investigating the recent murder of a teenage mother while trying to save her own life from falling apart. Easttown Mare was released on HBO in April 2021 and was billed as a limited series. Although viewers are clamoring for a second season, the story was meant to be told in 7 episodes and doesn’t appear to have a season 2 in the cards.


Invent Anna

The Netflix miniseries Invent Anna is a dramatized version of the Anna Sorokin/Anna Delvey story, which cheated many New York elites out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The story is told from the perspective of journalist Vivian Kent, who investigates the story case. The show premiered in February 2022 and is based on real-life journalist Jessica Pressler, who wrote an article about Anna Delvey for New York Magazine.


Plainville’s daughter

The Hulu original debuted in March 2022 and is inspired by the true story of Michelle Carter’s “texting-suicide” case. Based on the Esquire article of the same name by Jesse Barron, Plainville’s daughter explores the events leading up to the death of Conrad Roy and the conviction of his girlfriend Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning) for manslaughter.


The stall

In just eight episodes, this Hulu miniseries reveals how the world’s youngest self-made billionaire woman lost everything in the blink of an eye. The stall premiered in March 2022 and tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes, played by Amanda Seyfried, and Theranos. The miniseries was inspired by the Rebecca Jarvis podcast of the same name and is more historically accurate than other biopics. Most of the scenes depicted in the show are based on real people and events.


Under the banner of heaven

Inspired by Jon Krauer’s true crime bestseller of the same name, Under the banner of heaven was released on Hulu in April 2022. The show is set in 1984 Utah, where LDS worshiper and detective Jeb Prye (Andrew Garfield) investigates the murder of a young woman and her infant daughter and her bond with a prominent Mormon family in the community.



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