5 reasons he deserved the Emmy for an exceptional limited series (and 5 not)


Because WandaVision opened the door for other TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel producers made sure to deliver a high-quality show to audiences that would keep fans watching. Their hard work in this TV series paid off and, unsurprisingly, the series was nominated for multiple Primetme Emmys.

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Sadly, WandaVision did not win any. It is understandable that some categories are far from being WandaVision‘s achieve, but lose the Limited series or exceptional Emmy anthology at Netflix The Queen’s Gambit was particularly painful. While many fans disagreed with these results, others agreed that even though WandaVision fought really hard, he didn’t win the award.

ten I didn’t deserve it: there are simply better limited series

Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen's Gambit

It is not that WandaVision is a bad show. In fact, most critics and fans agree that it was awesome and everyone wanted more. However, it wasn’t the best limited series of the year, which is exactly what the Emmys are.

While WandaVision deserves its nomination, the reality is that Netflix The Queen’s Gambit was highly regarded from the start and gave his audience a masterful narrative with excellent acting. Although, to be fair, comparing the two shows is like comparing apples and oranges.

9 Deserved: he has a great use of the sitcom as a genre

WandaVision 10 other sitcoms Wanda would have watched growing up

WandaVision accomplished something that had not yet been seen on a TV show like this: it took a very well-known genre, the sitcom, and used it as a tool to deliver an even bigger narrative that absolutely had nothing to do with the sitcom itself.

This narrative device is justified within the series when we learn that Wanda used to watch American television with her family and that she therefore longs for this daily life. But also, it is taken into account at the structural level: sit-coms are, after all, an instrument of cultural commentary, even when they are underestimated. WandaVision does this genre justice by considering its strengths.

8 Didn’t deserve it: his special effects aren’t the best

Granted, the Limited Series Emmy is not the Special Effects Emmy. However, for a show to be considered the best, it doesn’t have to show any weak spots, at least not in a very obvious way.

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WandaVision the producers did an amazing job with the special effects for the first few episodes. The series used the same practical effects tricks applied over the past decades. Either way, the show’s computerized special effects aren’t the best. Especially considering that WandaVision is part of a much larger cinematic universe, well known for its incredible CGI.

seven Deserved: the music of the show is incredible

It was Agatha from the start! Music in WandaVision is one of its strengths. In each episode, WandaVision manages to convey the style of a different time and space, and the songs used for the opening of the show always live up to their specific aesthetic. Most of the time, they immediately make the viewer think of a very obvious cultural reference.

It’s no surprise that two geniuses can be found behind the songs created for this TV show: Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, also known for Frozen, Avenue Q, and The Book of Mormon.

6 Didn’t deserve it: there were some very predictable twists and turns

Ralph smiles

Unfortunately, even though the show started off with a series of very intriguing questions, these were quickly answered. For example, it didn’t take a massive Marvel fan to quickly connect Neighbor Agnès to Agatha Harkness, a longtime nemesis of the Scarlet Witch. Once Agnes revealed her true self to Wanda, audiences already widely suspected her.

On top of that disappointing arc, Evan Peters’ character did not live up to expectations. While his appearance on the show sparked thousands of theories, the nature of his character was ultimately just a joke.

5 Deserved: the skills of a distribution actor were at the rendezvous

Vision kneels down as he confronts Wanda

Something that fixes WandaVision aside from other superhero TV shows, it’s the quality of its cast. Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn, and Teyonah Parris show incredible acting skills on the show. Due to the nature of the show, their characters travel from decade to decade, and all of the cast manage to emulate culturally notable traits from that era: accent, body language, even the particular sense of humor for each specific sitcom copied. .

Not only that, but WandaVision Also has some very emotional scenes between Wanda and Vision, and neither Elizabeth Olsen nor Paul Bettany disappointed audiences. Their heartbreaking on-screen romance has surely left fans begging for more. After all, what is grief if not enduring love?

4 Didn’t deserve it: They failed to convey the style of modern sitcoms

Wanda and Vision dress up as their comic book counterpart from WandaVision

While WandaVisionThe first episodes of deliver the full aesthetic fantasy of older TV shows, such as I love lucy, The Van Dyke Show, Delighted, The Brady Group, and even Full house, as the show draws closer to the present, its imitations begin to fade. In the sixth and seventh episodes, audiences can feel the style of Malcolm in the middle and Modern family, but the show failed to balance parody and intrigue.

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It probably has more to do with the fact that more modern sitcoms don’t have as specific an aesthetic as older shows. However, there’s no denying that the show’s parody skills lost some strength by the end of the story.

3 Deserved: it’s a good adaptation of the comics

Differences between WandaVision and House Of M

Although WandaVisionThe plot is not an identical adaptation of a Marvel comic, it manages to maintain the nature of its characters and their relationships with each other. A great example of this is Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda, whose nervous breakdown, caused by grief, reminded fans of the 2005s. House of M.

On top of that, the show manages to function as a tent story for the next phase of the MCU while still providing audiences with some closure when it comes to characters like Vision. In a sense, WandaVision serves as a hinge between two moments in the Marvel universe.

2 I didn’t deserve it: Some Emmy voters think superhero stories aren’t Emmy-worthy

Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch enviously watching Emmy Award

Since superhero movies started to gain popularity, many celebrities and critics have spoken out against them, claiming that these types of franchises only produce bad CGI content. In fact, Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar for Joker (2019) has been widely criticized.

There is no reason why a hierarchical system that belittles superhero movies cannot be extrapolated to TV shows and their respective awards. This would unfortunately remove WandaVision and other upcoming superhero TV shows of any Emmy race regardless of quality.

1 Deserved: It’s time for superhero stories to take a prominent place in the TV industry

Avengers Endgame Oscar

While many Hollywood celebrities have spoken out against superhero media, it is currently one of the biggest sellers of movies and TV series and, like it or not, it will be around for a while. time. Granted, not all comic-based content qualifies for an Oscar or Emmy, but producers strive to ensure the quality of that content and raise its standards.

That said, as long as a TV show lives up to its expected quality merit, its superhero-related content shouldn’t be a reason to deny it a well-deserved award or, in fact. WandaVisionin his case, twenty-three well-deserved awards.

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