2022 Emmys Preview: Disabling Limited Series Categories


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Joe Reid isn’t just Primetimer’s editor. He’s also an awards expert and half of the popular podcast, This Had Oscar Buzz. Over the next few weeks, Joe will be reviewing the competition in each of the major categories at this year’s 74th Emmy Awards. This week: Limited Series.

The nominees for the limited series categories at this year’s Emmy Awards combine to create a peculiar collection of storylines. With a huge crop of nominations, HBO The White Lotus is the most nominated of the bunch, but her many acting nominations are exclusively in the supporting categories, with most spots for lead actress and lead actor going to a curious trio of Hulu productions – Dope, The stalland Pam and Tommy.

As with all other major limited series this year – Under the banner of heaven, Housemaid, The staircaseand station eleven among them — there is no indication of an outpouring of support from Emy voters beyond a few scattered nominations.

All this to say, apart from The White Lotus in the supporting categories (which we’ll discuss in two weeks), there’s no clear frontrunner for limited runs. So which shows are best positioned to triumph in this year’s top three limited series categories?

Exceptional limited series

  • Dope (Hulu)
  • The stall (Hulu)
  • Invent Anna (Netflix)
  • Pam and Tommy (Hulu)
  • The White Lotus (HBO)

Precursor : Has 20 nominations and a stranglehold on supporting categories, The White Lotus is leading the pack for this year’s limited run crop. Which is a pretty impressive achievement for a show that aired last summer. (It’s also a pretty impressive achievement for a show that isn’t strictly speaking a limited series, since it returns for a second season with at least Jennifer Coolidge’s character as connective tissue, but the Emmys allowed a exception.)

The most likely spoiler: Suppose for a moment that Netflix is ​​under siege Invent Anna is just happy to be nominated (with only three nominations in total, that’s a decent guess). That leaves all three Hulu shows in a scrum to play the spoiler. Dope was the most nominated of the three and already showed strength in last winter’s precursor season, and it seems to be the prestige show of choice given the seriousness of its subject matter. Pam and TommyThe surprisingly robust nominations tally is worth dwelling on, but it would be a major shock if he wins.

The long-shot of well-being: “Feel-good” is relative in a category full of shows about con artists, drug dealers, suspected murderers and killer owls. But a victory for The stall would be a win for the only good series of a spring where seemingly every streamer had a show about a true scammer story. Plus, it would be a win for Elizabeth Meriwether, whose new girl was consistently underrated by the Emmys.

Chew Stat: The last time a single platform had three nominees in this category was in 2011, when the category combined miniseries and made-for-TV movies. That year, HBO landed nominations for TV movies too big to fail and Truth cinemaas well as the miniseries Mildred Pierce. All three lost in the first season of Downton Abbey…another continuing series that was cleared to compete as a miniseries.

Prediction: Seriously pay attention to Dope here, especially if Hulu relies on these important themes, but The White Lotus seems to have captivated voters so far.

Outstanding Actor in a Limited Series

  • Colin Firth as Michael Peterson on The staircase
  • Andrew Garfield as Detective Jeb Pyre on Under the banner of heaven
  • Oscar Isaac as Jonathan Levy Scenes from a wedding
  • Michael Keaton as Dr. Samuel Finnix on Dope
  • Himesh Patel as Jeevan Chaudhary in station eleven
  • Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee Pam and Tommy

Precursor : It’s a category with some serious firepower, including an Oscar winner, two Oscar nominees, and an Oscar winner (Isaac). Amid this crowd, the smart money has to be on Michael Keaton, who swept last winter’s precursor season, winning awards from the Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globes, Critics Choice and all-important AARP films. for adults. Price.

The most likely spoiler: Both Colin Firth and Andrew Garfield gave phenomenal performances that are more than worthy of an Emmy win, but their respective series have been virtually ignored (The staircase only got one other nomination, for Toni Collette, while Garfield was Under the banner of heavensingle appointment). Meanwhile, Pam and Tommy well past the day of the appointment. Does that make Sebastian Stan the real dark horse in this category?

The long-shot of well-being: Himesh Patel is the only acting nominee in the huge station elevenone of the best TV shows of the year, and if it manages to pull off an upset victory, it would be a hugely celebratory moment, especially for anyone who remembers that most emotional scene of the 2021 TV season. -22.

Chew Stat: The only people in this category previously nominated for Emmys are Colin Firth, nominated since 2001 for playing a Nazi in the HBO TV movie. Conspiracyand Michael Keaton, nominated in 2004 in Outstanding Nonfiction Special for Fred Rogers: America’s Favorite Neighbor.

Prediction: If Firth or Garfield had even a little support for their shows in other categories, I’d say it was a close race, but Keaton looks like he’s going to get away with it.

Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series

  • Toni Collette as Kathleen Peterson on The staircase
  • Julia Garner as Anna Delvey on Invent Anna
  • Lily James as Pamela Anderson on Pam and Tommy
  • Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp Impeachment: A History of American Crime
  • Margaret Qualley as Alex Russell on Housemaid
  • Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes on The stall

Precursor : From the moment people heard Elizabeth Holmes’ distinctive voice coming out of Amanda Seyfried’s mouth, awards watchers bet on her to win the Emmy, and to this day, there’s every reason to think that they will be right. But The stall underperformed a bit in the nominations, with nods for writing, directing and for Seyfried’s performance, yes, but Naveen Andrews, Laurie Metcalf and William H. Macy – all former Emmy nominees – were snubbed. This makes Seyfried vulnerable.

The most likely spoiler: Will it be a battle of ridiculous accents for victory? Julia Garner’s multi-continental accent choices for Anna Delvey have received a lot of attention, both positive and negative. But Garner is a big Emmy favorite, having won twice for her performance on ozark, so let’s not count it. Not out of the question either? Lily James, who dropped jaws everywhere for her bizarre visual transformation into Pamela Anderson. Pam and TommyThe surprisingly strong showing in the nominations actually doesn’t have too many winning streaks, so this might be the best chance for voters to express their appreciation.

The long-shot of well-being: Occasionally, the voters of the awards will vote not only for the performance, but also because they support the character to succeed. If so this year, it could mean good news for a few people in this category. Margaret Qualley’s performance in Housemaid was hugely acclaimed and audiences are really rooting for his character to come out with a win. Meanwhile, Toni Collette delivered an intense and demanding performance in The staircase, a show that imagines several different scenarios for the death of Kathleen Peterson. After watching this series, no matter what you think about who (or what) may have killed her, you probably think she deserved better.

Chew Stat: If you count Housemaid – which is an adaptation of Stephanie Land’s memoir, although the main character goes by Alex – each nominee in this category plays a real person. It hasn’t happened in this category since 2009, when Jessica Lange won for playing “Big Edie” Beale on HBO. gray gardens.

Prediction: Amanda Seyfried probably holds the win, but it’s always best to watch your back when Anna Delvey is around.

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards are set to air September 12 on NBC.

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Joe Reid is Primetimer’s editor and co-host of the This Had Oscar Buzz podcast. His work has appeared in Decider, NPR, HuffPost, The Atlantic, Slate, Polygon, Vanity Fair, Vulture, The AV Club and more.


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