2021 Emmy for Best Actress in a Limited Series – Predictions


Arabella and a metaphorical queen face off against a woman named Mare in a race filled with characters as captivating as the actors behind them.

Last year’s winner: Regina King, “Guardians”
Still eligible: No.
Hot series: It’s rare to see a streak of actors in the limited series categories, but we kind of have one! Regina King has won two of the last three awards for Best Actress in a Limited Series, having taken the surprise in 2018 for “Seven Seconds” and then won a well-deserved victory for “Watchmen” in 2020. And if you extend the streak Beyond Best Actress to Best Supporting Actress, then King has won four of the last six. (She won the Emmy for “American Crime” in 2015 and 2016.) And her streak of success could continue if she is nominated to host “SNL” this year, but not in the Limited Series section.
Fun fact: No comedy has been nominated in this category since 2014, when TV Academy voters saw fit to nominate Kristen Wiig for her role as Cynthia Morehouse in IFC’s limited series, “The Spoils of Babylon.” Technically, however, Wiig wasn’t playing Cynthia Morehouse; she played the actress who played Cynthia Morehouse, aka Lauoreighiya Samcake. For those who have already forgotten about the six-episode parody, “The Spoils of Babylon” is an over-epic TV mini-series show of yesteryear, whose over-the-top romances and high-value melodramas seem laughable compared to the limited series. founded and realistic today. That being said, it’s impossible to imagine Wiig’s exquisite comedic ride landing a nomination in the years that followed, when the race was crowded with serious suitors and serious performances – some not so different from what “Babylon” parodyed. Oh, how the wheel of time turns.
Notable non-eligible series: Anyone from “American Crime Story: Impeachment” (the season did not air in time to be eligible); Julianne Moore, “Lisey’s Story” (the season did not air in time to be eligible)

At the bottom of this page are predictions from IndieWire Associate Editor Ben Travers for Best Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or TV Movie. This article will be updated throughout the season, along with all of our predictions, so be sure to keep checking IndieWire for the latest news from the 2021 race. Voting for the 2021 Emmy Awards took place from the 17 to the June 28 (polling stations close at 10 p.m. PT). Emmy nominations were announced on Tuesday, July 13. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards were presented on Saturday September 11 and Sunday September 13. The 73rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards will take place on Sunday, September 19. CBS is broadcasting the ceremony.

The state of the race

For anyone complaining that the Emmys are too predictable, the 2021 Best Actress in a Limited Series category is here to keep you going. No matter who triumphs in this year’s ultra-fine race, everyone will be on pins and needles until the name is called out – there is simply no guarantee that anyone will have the final advantage. .

Looking back (from least likely to most likely winner), Cynthia Erivo would be a surprising choice, if only because her Nat Geo series isn’t as well represented as her competition. Still, “Genius” has gone one-for-two so far, in terms of its gold-winning main cast: Geoffrey Rush won for season one, while Antonio Banderas has failed in season 2. consistent nominations, the TV Academy clearly has a soft spot for the anthology series, and Erivo has been campaigning, so she’s still up for grabs, even as a longshot.

Things get interesting when we compare the following four names. Elizabeth Olsen has all the power of Disney behind her, and “WandaVision” has the most nominations of any limited series (at 23). If the cast got down to it, she could easily ride the wave until her first Emmy, but Olsen wasn’t driving the discussion around Disney + ‘s success (at least, not in the same way Kate did. Winslet, Anya Taylor-Joy and Michaela Coel were), and the show’s muted airing at the Creative Arts Emmys (winning three Emmys to seven for “The Queen’s Gambit”) indicates that TV Academy’s tastes may tip. elsewhere.

Michaela Coel, meanwhile, is a name many hope to hear more than once at Emmy night. The “I May Destroy You” writer, director and star is set for four Emmy Awards, and how many she wins at home will depend on how the various voting branches react to the announced HBO series. Will the actors react to Coel’s turn as intensely as the writers did to his scripts? It’s hard to say, but Coel has already lost to Taylor-Joy at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

It doesn’t appear to be the case, and Taylor-Joy could very well be the one to beat again. The “Queen’s Gambit” star has dominated the winter awards circuit, has the backing of Netflix’s massive awards team, and leads a smash hit that TV Academy absolutely adores. She also stars in an animated fall film (Last Night in SoHo by Edgar Wright), which should have helped people talk about her talents by voting. That could very well be enough. Her tour composed as a chess prodigy is so memorable, specific, and absorbing that she will garner many votes from her admiring peers.

So who can stop him? I’m betting on the one, the only one, the Kate Winslet. She last won 10 years ago for “Mildred Pierce,” and now she’s back with another gripping HBO drama. Her accent work, executive producer role, and jovial presence on the interview circuit are all attributes unique to Winselt, and the “Mare of Easttown” spring schedule should help keep voters cool as well. Could Taylor-Joy win? Absoutely. Coël? You bet. But I have to pick a name, and it’s just too hard to bet against Winslet.

Power ratings:

  1. Kate Winslet, “Easttown Mare”
  2. Anya Taylor-Joy, “The Queen’s Bet”
  3. Michaela Coel, “I can destroy you”
  4. Elizabeth Olsen, “WandaVision”
  5. Cynthia Erivo, “Genie: Aretha”

Will win: Kate Winslet, “Easttown Mare”
Could win: Anya Taylor-Joy, “The Queen’s Gambit” or Michaela Coel, “I Can Destroy You”
Should win: One of the aforementioned actors

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