11 of the reality show’s most epic reunion moments


Over the past few weeks, fans of the The Real Housewives of the Potomac (RHOP) franchise were delighted, to say the least. Sure, the idea of ​​witnessing any sort of resolution between the various issues that have plagued the Potomac divas is enticing, but there’s more. When news broke that award-winning rapper Nicki Minaj would be helping to organize the season six reunion special, social media raged. The news, unsurprisingly, sent fans of the franchise and the musician into an uproar.

To commemorate the epic moment, we decided to compile a list of the eleven most outrageous reality TV moments that happened during the reunion specials.

1. Monique Samuels’ Binder


To kick off this list, we have to revisit an epic moment in ORP history—Monique Samuels’ filing cabinet filled with receipts. Samuels came locked up and loaded down with a bunch of well-maintained receipts to combat sleazy rumors that his castmates had been swirling about his marriage.

2. When Nene Leakes said what she said


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked about something you said and held ten toes to defend yourself against. Nene Leakes should put both hands up because her infamous “I said what I said” line remains a cultural artifact to this day.

3. Porsha Williams vs. Kenya Moore


The art of “hanging out” took on a new form in this special reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). A war of words quickly turned into a war of hands when teammates Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore engaged in a full scrum. It’s giving “act, you can get caught”.

4. Trina’s Outburst on Love and Hip Hop: Miami (LHHMIA)


Trina is known for being many things, namely her nickname “The Diamond Princess”. After this special boosted reunion of LHHMIA, she should be known as the queen of clapback. Taking the opportunity to clear the air and clear up her feud with another teammate, Trina’s outburst was seen around the world with plenty of quotes reading Nikki Natural to filth.

5. Miss Quad, Miss Quad, she has accessories


“Miss Quad, Miss Quad, she got it, she got it!” Married to Medicine. Miss Quad Webb established herself as a reality TV icon when she released fake speech bubbles with terms like ‘fraud’ plastered on them amid the speaking parts of some of her castmates.

6. Phaedra Parks Southern Hospitality


Phaedra Parks may be one of Atlanta’s best female attorneys, but that doesn’t mean she can’t give a masterclass on shadow. Embodying the class of a southern belle and the spirit of the fictional character Dominique Deveraux, played by Diahann Carroll in Dynasty, Parks did not come to play in this special reunion. the RHOA the season six reunion saw Parks initiate a verbal smackdown like no other against teammate Kenya Moore.

7. Tiffany Pollard’s Entrance


Tiffany Pollard, arguably one of reality TV’s queens, made her mark 15 years ago when she appeared as a castmate on flavor of love. Affectionately dubbed “New York” by series host Flavor Flav, the series saw the young starlet stir up loads of drama, culminating in an entry into a reality show like no other.

8. The Tearful Discovery of Kandi Burruss-Tucker


The season nine reunion of RHOA heated up after a shocking revelation surfaced that left Kandi Burruss-Tucker and Porsha Williams in tears. After a nasty rumor circulated throughout the season that Burruss-Tucker, her husband and Williams were involved in, it was discovered that Phaedra Parks was the culprit. Burruss-Tucker’s response to the truth was an emotional reaction.

9. Cardi B wanted to know the reason


Before Cardi B rose to megawatt fame, she starred in Love and hip-hop: New York where she had as many viral moments as she has now. One of the most notable? When she got into a heated exchange with another cast member in which she threw her shoe and, now famously, asked, “what was the reason?” for the animosity towards her.

10. Tanisha Thomas’ “Yo Momma” joke went too far

There can’t be a conversation about OG reality TV reunion moments without mentioning the Bad Girls Club (BGC). The second season of the veteran reality series reunion special got a little heated when BGC Tanisha Thomas and Melissa ‘Lyric’ Greene got into an altercation. The steamy exchange was already simmering, as the two back and forth over a previous incident while filming the show, but it turned violent when Thomas made a joke about Greene’s mother. . Ouch!

11. Meeka ‘Liar’ Claxton vs. Tami ‘Hoodrat’ Roman

Raise your hand if you’ve ever received a nickname that you found unfavorable. the basketball wives The season three reunion special caught fire as Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman’s feud turned into name-calling with some pretty interesting addendums. Claxton clapped back at Roman referring to her as “Tami ‘hoodrat’ Roman” in response to Roman calling her “Meeka ‘liar’ Claxton.” That’s creativity for us!

While there are plenty of viral reality TV moments we could add to this list, these certainly take the cake for the most memorable.

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