10 miniseries to watch if you love history


Due to its brief and succinct narration rather than spanning multiple seasons, the miniseries has become a new trend in the television industry. Whether you’re looking for something to do on a quiet weekend or a distraction on a weeknight, a miniseries lets you immerse yourself in a tale without totally committing yourself.

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Additionally, a miniseries is a great structure for historical stories requiring only a few episodes to tell the whole story without missing any critical details. Are you curious about a historical event? A 6-hour mini-series will provide you with both education (which isn’t always accurate) and fun. If you love history, there is plenty to satisfy your appetite.

“The Stall” (2022)

The stallfeaturing Amanda Seyfried as infamous Silicon Valley CEO Elizabeth Holmes explores Holmes’ rise and fall from ambitious and bumbling teenager to ruthless founder of biotech company Theranos. Before its glittering veneer was ripped off in a revealing Wall Street Journal article in 2015, Theranos was touted as a breakthrough in modern medicine.

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Amanda Seyfriend gives one of her best performances on the show, garnering multiple awards. The portrayal is captivating, heartfelt and morbidly fascinating. Not to mention the rest of the cast’s outstanding writing, directing, and acting, which elevates the series to new heights.


Inventing Anna (2022)

Anna Sorokina Russian-born German con artist who swindled and bluffed her way into New York’s upper circle, is the subject of Netflix and Shonda Rhimes‘ latest binge-worthy crime series. The series Invent Anna tells the stories through the eyes of journalist Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky), attempting to uncover the truth about socialite Anna Delvey/Sorokin.

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Although it caused controversy because it shows Sorokin’s criminal activities, fans think it is entertaining due to the entertainment value, stylish costumes, and well-written dialogue. Besides, by Julia Garner Anna Delvey’s stunning portrayal is probably one of the most palatable reasons to watch the show, as she does an amazing job of recreating Anna.

“The Girl from Plainville” (2022)

The Hulu Drama Miniseries, Plainville’s daughterfollows the 2014 “text message suicide case”, in which an American Michelle Carter was found guilty of manslaughter after she sent her long-distance boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, text messages persuading him to kill himself.

Elle Fanning can bring to the role of Michelle the same charming vacuity as in The neon demon and The seduced and the cunning demanded of Catherine in Great, leaving viewers torn between pity and contempt. Plus, because of the down-to-earth and compelling acting of the secondary characters, this show is worth watching.

“Unorthodox” (2020)

Deborah Feldman’memories Unorthodox: The Outrageous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots is the inspiration for this four-part drama miniseries. The series follows Esty, a nineteen-year-old Jewish lady from Williamsburg, New York, who plots to flee her parents and an unpleasant arranged marriage.

Unorthodox is a powerful film that is unsettling and inspiring and lays out an important story on a mainstream platform. Plus, Esther “Etsy” Shapiro, brilliantly played by Shira Haaswill take audiences on an emotional roller coaster from pessimism to hope, allowing them to empathize with her and other women in similar situations.

‘American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson’ (2016)

The People v. OJ Simpson is based on the well-known case of the NFL player OJ Simpson, who is accused of murdering his ex-wife and her lover. The famous Ford Bronco freeway chase, the kardashians the family’s ties to Simpson and the TV affair that ended in a “not guilty” conviction are all covered in this series.

Due to Simpson’s popularity as a public figure and the widespread belief that he was wrongfully acquitted, the OJ case is one of the most well-known trials. Upon its debut, the series was well received, receiving nine Emmys, including an Outstanding Limited Series.

‘Chernobyl’ (2019)

Chernobyl is a five-part historical drama miniseries that premiered in 2019 on HBO. The show depicts the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy of 1986, its devastating aftermath and heroic attempts to contain the damage and protect the rest of the world.

Although the crash is a well-documented historical event, the show delves deep into the origins and aftermath of the collapse. Stellan Skarsgard, Jared Harrisand Jessie Buckley are among the cast members of the ensemble that give top-notch cast and audiences another reason to visit the series.

“When They See Us” (2019)

When they see us is a four-episode Netflix original series that tells the true story of five young black men who became known as the Central Park Five after being falsely accused of assaulting and raping a white woman.

This miniseries offers an essential perspective on social justice. The engrossing plot hooks viewers from start to finish, and it’s backed by superb authentic performances from Jharrel Jerome, who won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie, and the equally superb cast. effectively bringing the well-written story to life.

“The Spy” (2019)

The spy is based on the biography of the Mossad spy Eli Cohen and shows his adventures infiltrating Syrian high society. He does an incredible job of tricking high-ranking authorities into thinking he’s a respectable businessman while gathering vital information for his country.

This mini-series is recommended for fans of real crime dramas because it features very stressful situations and almost shocking and surprising incidents. Besides, Sacha Baron Cohen (no thinking) plays admirably as the titular character, keeping the audience on the edge of their seat waiting to see what bold moves the character would make next.

“Incredible” (2019)

Incredible is a Netflix original crime drama based on true events which debuted in 2019. The story is about a teenager named Mary Adler, who reports his own assault and then withdraws his allegations. As a result, she is accused of having made it all up.

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The show is tough to watch, but it’s rewarding because of what it says about hope and humanity, not just because it has one of the best casts in the year it debuted. Incredible is a must-watch series thanks to its moving, chilling narrative and performances praised by its main actors, including Kaitlyn Dever and Toni Collettewho brought their characters to life.

Dopesick (2021)

Dope is a drama miniseries that reveals the true story of America’s current opioid crisis and Purdue Pharma’s involvement in bringing the highly addictive OxyContin to America’s Rust Belt while promoting it as a moderate pain reliever that cannot be abused.

Dope brilliantly creates the feeling of being involved in the full story of this industry and its side effects by using many diverse storylines and nurturing their intimate significance. The show is illuminating and gripping, delving into the role of corporate greed in fueling the opioid crisis with top notch actors delivered by big names in gaming such as Michael Keaton, Michael Stuhlbargand Poultry.

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