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Shonda Rhimes Invent Anna captured viewers’ imaginations with Anna Sorokin’s get-rich-quick schemes and cheeky ways, especially since it’s all based on a true story. As always, the drama series depicts many embellishments and dramatizations of fact, but Julia Garner’s Anna was pretty accurate in many ways.

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However, it is impossible to contain all the facts of a convoluted case like Sorokin’s in nine episodes, so the series misses some finer details that viewers would find important to the story. Invent Anna glossed over these facts in the Delvey saga.


The “death” of Peter Hennecke

Alan Reed and Anna Delvey look at the art in Inventing Anna.

While Alan Reed spoke on the phone to Anna’s wealth manager, Peter Hennecke, a few times (Anna changed her voice through an app and used a burner phone) on the show, which didn’t failed, that’s how the stick changed hands in her. elaborate story.

Being one of the smarter characters, Anna had to find a way to explain why emails to Peter were bouncing around, so she told people that Peter had died. She then introduced a new German character, Bettina Wagnerwho had entrusted the management of his family’s fortunes to bankers and lawyers.

Neff had a rich boyfriend

Neff Davis holding a coffee in Inventing Anna.

Neff’s boyfriend made an appearance on the show, but he wasn’t portrayed very specifically. According to The cup item which started it all, Neff was dating someone while she was hanging out with Anna, but it was a rich man who had promised to finance the young woman’s films one day.

When he expressed his reservations about Sorokin, Anna suggested that she dump him. When Neff protested that he was supposed to finance his films, Anna said she would give him the money because she was richer than him. Neff left her boyfriend, who was also not part of the Netflix miniseries.

Anna was mad that Neff was talking about Carter V

Anna Delvey and Neff Davis taking a selfie in Inventing Anna.

A thing Invent Anna The relationship she shared with Neff was accurately depicted, and yes, even that party with Martin Shkreli and Macaulay Culkin happened. The extravagant dinner between the rich and famous was as lavish as in the show, and Shkreli showed off her latest purchase: The Carter V album.

Neff was so excited to listen to the then unreleased album, that she tweeted about it, but Anna did not appreciate this. Anna was annoyed and asked Neff to delete the tweet, but when the janitor didn’t, “she didn’t come to my office for maybe three days,” according to Neffetari herself.

She apologized in court

Anna was not sorry for all the terrible things she did on the show to other characters, and her stance during the show’s legal proceedings remained unrepentant. She barely spoke during her trial in Invent Annabut the real Anna Sorokin had something forgiving to say.

During her sentencing hearing in court, Sorokin made it clear that she was ashamed. “I apologize for the mistakes I made” she said clearly, but then changed her mind in an interview a few days later, where she said she wasn’t sorry but “regret” some of her choices. Prior to the show’s release, she then changed his statement againsaying “I’m sorry for the way my case is viewed. And I’m sorry for resorting to these actions that people think I glorify now. I’m sorry for the choices I made. Certainly, I don’t feel like the world would be a better place if people just tried to be more like me.”

A “Secret Benefactor” at the Feet of Anna’s Court

A split image showing Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna.

The fake German heiress wore her fashionable ways in prison, demanding to be styled for her court appearances. Fans of the show got to see replicas of her actual looks from the trial, and some of Anna’s best outfits were on display here.

Many wondered if the stylist (Anastasia Walker, in real life) ever got paid for her services, and it turns out she did. Anna couldn’t cheat out of it, but she already depended on the generosity of others. According to Todd Spodekhis high-end pieces from Miu Miu and YSL were “borrowed in his name via a secret benefactor”.

Her parents were in contact with her


The show depicts a lonely Anna after her arrest, one who had no one to support her except her lawyer and pet journalist Vivian Kent. This was not the case. In an interview with InitiatedSorokin revealed that she was not in contact during her student years, but months before the trial, her parents were in correspondence with her.

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They had also written a letter to New York State Supreme Court Justice Diane Kiesel to be gentle with their daughter, pleading on her behalf and assuring her that Anna was ready for change. They even wrote during her hearing in immigration court, suggesting she could join them in Germany and start over. Anna was not as abandoned as they showed her.

Anna went to Warren Buffet’s private party

Inventing Anna Julia Garner's Movie as Anna Delvey

After the 12th George confiscated Delvey’s property for non-payment of her one-mile bill, she decided to charter a private jet and fly to Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway conference, but TV Anna didn’t. could not attend the conference at all. Her pass didn’t work, so she returned to New York and checked into another hotel.

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In reality, Anna managed to enter the conference. She spent many days there, hanging out with the rich and famous, and on the last day of the conference she stumbled upon a VIP dinner hosted by Buffet himself, where she and her friends slipped in and would have met Bill Gates himself.

She also asked Kacy for help in Morocco

Kacy Duke opposite Rachel Williams in Inventing Anna.

According to Netflix, Kacy left Morocco after just two days in Marrakech due to bad food poisoning, which saved her from losing a lot of money to Anna. However, when Kacy returned to New York in real life, she received a heartbreaking plea for help paying for the Four Seasons in Casablancawhere Anna had presumably moved after Rachel’s fiasco with La Momounia.

Kacy, who was unaware of Anna’s intentions, actually tried to help her friend with her own credit card numbers, and when those didn’t come through, her friend’s. The universe tipped in her favor, in this case, and Kacy booked Anna on a flight to New York of her own accord to help her out.

Anna organized the trip to Germany

While Vivian Kent’s trip to Germany turned out to be the fruit of her obsession with Anna’s story and how she became who she was, that wasn’t the truth. Her magazine didn’t arrange the trip for her, and Jessica Pressler (Vivian’s inspiration) didn’t kick down doors looking for leads.

According to Initiated, Anna herself arranged Pressler’s trip to learn more about her past, and everyone connected with her childhood knew that Pressler would visit her. No one was caught off guard, and Anna herself had directed the reporter to the restaurants and museums she frequented.

There were many others she scammed

Anna and Val in Inventing Anna

Sorokin’s money-hungry spree was not limited to Nora Radford, Rachel Williams, or the hotels and banks she cheated. The amount she stole and defrauded was far greater than what was projected on screen. According to his knowledgeshe cheated on almost everyone she met, and many wealthy people were too embarrassed to even admit to having fallen for her tricks, let alone report her.

There are still people who fell in love with Anna but did not reveal it to maintain their reputation. She did far more harm than she was imprisoned.

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