When my pay was late, Good Finance’s loans saved me

Although employers are required to pay salaries and contributions under a contract of employment every month, many people find that their pay is several weeks or even months late.

Although non-payment of wages is a criminal offense , it is unfortunately too often practiced in Croatia. We all know this, but what we don’t know is how to survive the days when wages are still out of sight , and overheads and food costs and other debts are piling up?

How to survive when pay is late?


John, 36, also encountered this unpleasant situation . He works in a company that has a really good reputation and no one would ever think something was wrong. And it wasn’t. The salary was getting higher every month until it happened that it was a whole month late. John spent all possible reserves , and an additional aggravating circumstance was that his wife was on maternity leave . This young married couple came to a point where they no longer knew how to proceed.

“Month by month, the pay was late, but it would still sit. Last month it didn’t, and card costs were piling up . Eventually we came to a vicious circle from which we did not know how to proceed. However, the employer confirmed that the company would receive the money and that we would receive the money by the middle of next month. But we needed the money right away because our life couldn’t fit because the money didn’t fit into the account. We urgently needed at least 3800 kuna . My wife recently saw a TV commercial with Good Finance Bank’s quick lending so we checked the terms together and applied for a no cost loan . Good thing we’ve just come in now that you have a free first-time first-time customer credit on offer . It couldn’t have done better! It’s like I borrowed from a friend, and I did everything from home. We just filled out those online forms, took pictures with the cellphone of the documents they needed, and that was that. We had money. I can’t believe how we saved ourselves. It’s great that if I need any loan again, I can only send an SMS with the amount, as an existing customer. Great to have in reserve, you never know what tomorrow is wearing! ” Ivan told us.

As much as you borrow, you pay back so much

As much as you borrow, you pay back so much

Good Finance Bank’s big promotional campaign “Borrow 3000 – Return 3000!” Is still valid, in which new customers can borrow from HRK 300 to 3000, with HRK 0 bank charges, with a repayment period of up to 30 days. You can choose the loan amount yourself and thus borrow as much money as you need.

“We didn’t believe it would be exactly as you wrote it in the commercial, but we were both surprised and surprised by my wife and I. We have literally returned 3,000kn. And the pay has finally returned to normal! ” Was delighted Ivan.

From applying to borrowing in one day!

From applying to borrowing in one day!

They admit that in these difficult times, a quick loan from Good Finance Bank saved them. That was the key to being able to survive on John’s salary without borrowing from family and friends, which was also very important to them. Although he has very good and close friends who would surely step in to help him, John does not like to mix money and friendship .

” I would be very embarrassed to ask friends for money and find out that I was in big trouble,” said Ivan.

John admits that he was delighted with this offer and that he now views Good Finance Bank as his online friend who can lend him money on the same day , even in this case, without any additional cost . Namely, he is delighted to learn that all fast loans are 100% online so he and his wife do not have to spend time going to the bank.

It is not a shame to work, but a great shame for one employer for not paying his salary. Payment of a salary for him is the only obligation to you that he is legally required to make. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Claim your money and learn about your rights under the Labor Law . If the situation of non-payment of salaries continues, do not work without pay! Concentrate on finding a new job where you get your paycheck in time for your work.