Save money by renting the holiday car

No cost of wear and tear, making your car vacation cheaper by renting than driving their own cars.

Leave your own car when you’re on holiday this year

Leave your own car when you

If you rent a holiday car in Germany instead, you can save thousands of dollars during a 14-day trip to southern Europe.

It sounds like a good deal from the rental companies, but according to the newspaper’s calculations it is good enough: If it is the trip, for example, in the south of France and includes 4,500 kilometers of driving, insurance will usually be cheaper than a car. And many have already found out.

German car rental companies are not only up to 48 percent cheaper

German car rental companies are not only up to 48 percent cheaper

If you rent the car in Germany, there is free mileage on the car, which is limited to the cars rented elsewhere.

Car owners usually only believe in gasoline costs when calculating the cost of a car driving holiday to France, Italy or Spain. You forget about depreciation and take it on, it actually can’t pay to drive their own car.

If your car is worth 200,000 NOK, the value of the car drops to 75 øre per kilometer. In many cases, there may be more. So your cheapest vacation consists of renting the holiday car.

Buy less, save big

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For many, this is a trade secret, but the number is increasing, and rising fuel prices are increasing interest: In Germany, rental cars are usually run on diesel, making it even more advantageous to leave their gasoline in the private car. More than 4,500 kilometers, then we can save around $ 500 if you trade their own gasoline Golf with a rented diesel Golf.

According to price analysts, low leasing prices in Germany are not only interesting for holiday drivers: They should also get many Norwegians to consider their choice of car.

Of course, many Norwegians choose a car after vacation to France or Italy. Instead, they can opt for a smaller, more fuel efficient car, it will be big enough for a day, and then rent a larger car, once a year.