Credit Cards Can Hurt Your Health

Studies show that young people are very accustomed to electronic cigarettes, and then most of them switch to tobacco products. Without a doubt, smoking is harmful to health, and credit cards become a kind of catalyst in this situation. You may ask, what kind of attitude can a card have to cigarettes? Now you will understand everything.

In addition to the fact that a smoker suffers for his health, unpleasant smoke spreads from cigarettes, which penetrates clothes and hair and does not disappear for a long time. Add yellow teeth here and it becomes completely incomprehensible why people spend money on this bad habit.


Many young people start with electronic cigarettes

electronic cigarettes

And then switch to regular ones. And some of them buy e-cigarettes online using credit cards.

E-cigarettes are portable devices, also known as Vape, which sooner or later cause addiction to nicotine or other chemical vapor substances.

In the US, for example, it is forbidden to buy tobacco products online using credit cards, but there are no restrictions for buying Vape. You can buy cigarettes using the card in the store, but you can not do this on the Internet. This was done so that young people could not easily acquire unhealthy cigarettes. And in some states bills have already been proposed prohibiting the purchase of e-cigarettes online, and at the moment these proposals are being considered.

Yes, some sites will definitely check the age of the buyer before selling tobacco, but not all. In addition, young consumers know how to circumvent such checks.

In November last year, a study was conducted in which it became clear that the consumption of electronic cigarettes is increasing in numbers year after goal. And most cigarettes are bought on the Internet. The analysis showed that very few sellers use effective age checks of visitors, leaving open access to cigarettes for young people. Everything on the Internet is made for convenient buying and getting any kind of cigarettes right at home.

In the United States, a law prohibiting the sale of traditional cigarettes has been active since 2005, but even with the law in force, violations were registered annually. Some sellers soon left the market, and some registered outside the United States to stay on the market and sell cigarettes on the usual terms.

At the moment there are some restrictions on the sale of electronic cigarettes, but they are easily circumvented by both sellers and buyers.

If you introduce a ban on the purchase of E-cigarettes online by credit card, it will take time for him to really start working and save the health of young people.


According to the study

smoking e-cigarrete

among Vape smokers there are many students, and even schoolchildren. Unfortunately, they do not understand that they are harming their body from smoke and steam. Many Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than classic cigarettes, but they are not harmless. But at the same time, E-cigarettes can help people stop smoking tobacco products.

The ban on buying cigarettes online using credit cards should reduce the number of young smokers in our country and improve their health.